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Ike with three dachshunds  Martha with Hope, horse
Mercy - black cat - and Charlie Bird Parker  rooster and hens
Georgia O'Peach - love bird  Charity - black cat  Grace - cat

Our family! (Top left) Ike and our three dogs (front to back) Joby, Suky, and Queenie! Two Dachshunds and a Dachshund cross, Suky is a rescue dog - rescues are great pets! (Top right) Martha and Hopes and Dreams. Hope was originally a rescue too, she is a PMU foal. This talented little mare is a dream come true. Next is Mercy and Charlie Bird Parker, the one rule in our house is 'no eating family'! Poppy the rooster and his hens: Iris, Violet, Nigella, Myrtle, Lily, Petunia and Buttercup. Georgia O'Peach, this little love bird was a pet for Charlie, but they are now devoted friends. Mercy's sister Charity waits hopefully for the bowl to fill. Yet another rescue, Grace is our wild child, afraid of nothing!

two rabbits
goat Jezebele
two goats Gabriel and Izekiel
mini donkey and mini horse in snow
mini donkey and mini horse in summer pasture

Our farm family! Bunnies, (top left to right) Minnie (the new wife) and Henry, these two bunnies are rescues from two different places but were a bonded pair in minutes! (Top right) Gabriel and Izekiel are twin brothers, Gracie cat loves the farm animals. The white goat is Jezebele, even though she is no relation to the boys she treats them like her kids. Noah, the mini donkey and Merrylegs the mini horse also act like mother and son!

Mercy - black cat - and Charlie Bird Parker  rooster and hens

Two more rescues to love. (Top left) This beautiful neutered cat showed up in our barn a few years ago and decided to stay. Faith holds his own as our only male cat. (Top right) Ike said 'no more pets', then he saw this little Doxie mix on, where we adopted Sukey. Penny came home on May 21st.

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