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three dachshunds
dog Riley dog leaping, Allie
dogs playing in snow: Mya, Winston, Bella two dogs playing in snow Valentine and Boon
dog Maddie
Not everyone hated this Winter! Riley the Swissy is made for snow; Allie - oop! Valentine and Boon; Kuma is so handsome; Maddie smiling; Mya, Winston and Bella.
dog Kuma in the snow
five dogs playing in snow: Aphrodite, Bubba, Valentine, Kobe, Boon
two dogs: Aphrodite, Sweeny
two dogs playing: Wenzie, Boon
goat Billy Jr
Lots of leaping, Aphrodite, Bubba, Valentine, Kobe and Boon; Wenzie in action with Boon; not a dog, Billy Jr. Lives in the barn; Aphrodite watches silly Sweeny.
two dogs in snow: Duce, Riley two dogs in snow: Essie, Bubba
three dogs playing: Sophie dragging a branch, Oakley, Daisy sniffing ground four dogs in snowy meadow: Frisbee, Aphrodite, Kobe, Essie
Duce and Riley; Essie and Bubba; Frisbee with Aphrodite, Kobe and Essie; big enough stick, Sophie? Oakley thinks so, Daisy is on a trail.
three dogs in snow: Valentine, Sweeny, Bubba dog Winston rolling in snow
dogs playing follow-the-leader: Winston, Ranger, Betty, Mya
Triple action, Valentine, Sweeny and Bubba; Winston makes a snow angel; follow the leader, Winston, Ranger, Betty and Mya.
two dogs among shredded cushion stuffing: Nanuk, Sophie
These two created a Winter wonderland inside. Nanuk on the bed, Sophie doing a full body wiggle.
Rex, bearded dragon dog Rue on pink-and-blue cushion
cat Blanch cat Vi
dog Mya
cat Trina
dachshund sniffing ground
dog Chippy on pile of pillows
These smart guests decided to wait out the cold inside. Rex, the Bearded Dragon was a lovely, quiet fellow; little Rue in pink and blue; Kitties, Blanch and Vi stayed for the first time; Chippy loves a good pile of pillows, Mya posing pretty; pretty in pink, Trina made herself a lovely nest.
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