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three dachshunds
Lola, guinea pig Sophie, dog
Peach, cat Ralphie, dog
Zena, puppy Chowda, Boston Terrier dog
Duce, dog Essie, dog
Cutie patuties! (Clockwise from top left) Lola the guinea pig and Sophie; Ralphie out for a stroll; Chowda the Boston Terrier; Essie dressed for the farm; Duce contemplating his next move; Zena won't be little for much longer; a favorite guest, Peach kitty does not look eighteen!
Luna, dog Wenzie, Ridgeback, carries a stick Hazel, Sophie, 2 dogs
Candy, dog Teddy, Beau, 2 dogs
More great faces. (Clockwise from top left) Look at the great markings on Luna; Wenzi with a gift; Hazel and Sophie laughing and smiling; Teddy and Beau meet and greet; sweet Candy getting her licks in.
Teddy, Bailey, Winston, Beau, 4 dogs
Maddie, dog
Kobe, Aphrodite, Luna, Essie, Boon, 5 dogs
Oakley, black dog
Ranger, dog
Ring around the Rosie with Teddy, Bailey, Winston and Beau; fun with sticks Kobe, Aphrodite, Luna, Essie and Boon; Oakley and his shadow on the move; Ranger basking in the sun; Maddie looks like she is wearing the daffodil.
Ollie, dog Wenzie, Rhodesian Ridgeback dog
Gabriel, Billy, 2 goats Jobe, Emme, 2 dachshunds Sophie, Bailey, 2 dogs
Ollie and Wenzi show off their 'down dogs'; Gabriel and Billy love to butt heads; Joby and Emme dig for voles; a bonded pair, Sophie and Bailey take a stroll.
dogs at play dogs at play
dogs at play
Who let the dogs out? Wenzi, Candy and Hazel work off some energy!
two dachshunds
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